Croatian FSC certified logs

FSC stands for Forestry Stewardship Council. It is regarded by us and many others as the gold standard in international forestry certification. We are proud to be supporters of FSC, and use whatever influence we have to get others in the industry to adopt their certification standards.

The FSC regulates the management of forests, including the rate at which trees are removed for timber. This goes beyond simply ensuring more trees are planted, but also takes into account such things as the biodiversity of old growth forests and the rights of indigenous people that rely on forests for their homes and livelihoods.

The FSC doesn't just certify a forest, but offers a "chain of custody" programme which ensure that the sustainably harvested timber can be tracked all the way from the forest, through saw mills, timber merchants and workshops all the way to the retailer and ultimately your home. You may wish to read more information at

We are pleased to be certified FSC licence holders and part of the chain of custody scheme. Below are some of the products that qualify for FSC labelling. They don't just look beautiful in your home, but have a provenance you can be proud of too.

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