Design Bar. Pull up a chair.

The Design Bar is now open - a studio and furniture design space for clients to customise or design furniture.

Installed within Chest of Drawers‘ Islington showroom,
it will be a single point of contact for design, creation
and installation.
Centred on a stunning 3.5m section of European heart oak, the bar will provide a place where members of the public, interior designers, architects and specifiers can explore furniture design in a relaxed and stimulating environment.

Via experienced staff, access will be provided to some of the finest workshops in Europe and abroad.
Access to
some of the
finest workshops
in Europe.
“I imagine the space bringing together designers and clients in a way that promotes a more personalised approach to furniture. We want to provide ideas to get the creative juices flowing, and have staff on hand to advise on materials and other practicalities. Ultimately we want this space to act as a new way of collaborating between manufacturers, designers and end clients, and be a portal to hundreds of thousands of furniture possibilities.”Creative Director, Kim Corbett
Call 020 7359 5909
or email for more information.