In 1986 a little furniture shop called "At the Sign of the Chest of Drawers" opened on Upper Street, in Islington, north London. The shop was a favourite with local residents who could always find a quirky gem while having a chat with Tony, the founder. It is fondly remembered for its stacks of furniture and warren like basement. Then in 2000 Tony retired and handed over the reins to Kim, Jason and Mark. We tried to concentrate on premium materials and a sustainable approach to the environmental and ethical backdrop to the business. This resulted in some nice awards... and some beautiful furniture too!  

New showrooms in Chiswick and Kingston were opened and the commitment to environmental principles and quality craftsmanship began to reach a wider audience. We now serve residential, project-based and contract market clients from our three showrooms and website.

Now we are evolving again. Kim is spearheading a fresh direction. Adventures in Furniture will combine more varied materials, brighter colours and new designs. Fresh ideas but with the same quality and environmental commitments. You can find Kim in the Islington showroom under the banner of Adventures in Furniture and you can still find Mark and Jason in Chest of Drawers in Kingston and Chiswick. A new chapter, but the story continues!

Kim, Mark & Jason

Flowers in Jugs